About the Author:
Kelly Beltz has a master's degree in
science with a concentration in
anesthesia from La Roche College,
where she has taught in the anesthesia
program. She currently works as a nurse
anesthetist while pursuing her lifelong
dream of writing. She is an entrepreneur,
holds one US patent and lives in
Pennsylvania with her husband, two
daughters, and two adorable shelties.
Author Kelly Beltz
Behind Beyond the Stars:
Being an avid reader, I love a good story. I hope this novel
brings my readers some thrilling entertainment, happiness and
fun. May it inspire you to love all that you treasure in your life
more deeply.  It is truly an amazing time to be alive. The future
will continue to astonish and test us in ways like never before.

With the ongoing advances in technology, the desire to
accomplish things once believed impossible has never been
stronger. This provided the setting for my story. A story about a
woman and her perseverance when faced with unexpected
challenges as she travels through the adventure called life.
The story is set in the near future as we embark on our
expanding presence in Space. Whether you are a space enthusiast
or  not, I think you'll enjoy pondering the possibility of life
beyond Earth. After all, despite our continued advancement, it is
humbling to realize that we will never have all the answers and
will forever be students.