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Western Pennsylvania authors offer rich mix of stories
Buzz up!By Mary Ann Thomas, FOR THE VALLEY NEWS
Sunday, November 29, 2009

As Kelly Beltz of Buffalo Township has enjoyed a lifelong interest in the U.S. space
program, the setting of her first foray into fiction, "Beyond the Stars, Kataria" is
inspired by the real-life work of space researchers.

Beyond the Stars: Kataria
By Kelly Beltz. (Book Surge 2009) Available on

Kelly Beltz, 39, of Buffalo Township has been such a devotee to the U.S. space
program that she built her first science-fiction novel about intergalactic travel. But
she wanted to keep it as real as possible. For example, the main character,
Samantha, is a physicist working for a real company, the Space Island Group of
California, which gave Beltz permission to use the company name in the book. "The
characters are real relatable," Beltz says. "You see Samantha as a wife, a friend,
a daughter, a parent. I try to make the story feel like it could happen to readers,"
she says. In the book, Samantha doesn't plan on leaving Earth but ends up on an
alien star ship traveling the galaxy where she finds danger and falls in love. "The
book is meant to entertain and to be fun," Beltz says. A mother of two children,
Beltz works part-time as a nurse anesthetist and has an online business where she
sells one of her inventions, a knitting accessory called Knit Klips, which is a clip with
a pin to hold knitted pieces together for seaming.
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Newsmaker: Kelly Beltz
Buzz up!By Carl Prine, TRIBUNE-REVIEW
Saturday, December 12, 2009

Residence: Buffalo Township in Butler County
Family: Husband, Richard; daughters, Jordan, 11, and Kendra, 8

Education: Bachelor of science degree in nursing from Indiana University of
Pennsylvania; master's degree in nurse anesthesia from La Roche College

Background: A native of Lower Burrell, Beltz is a nurse anesthetist at Alle-Kiski
Medical Center in Natrona Heights. An inventor, she holds the patent on the Knit
Klips yarn accessory.

Noteworthy: Beltz's first novel, "Beyond the Stars: Kataria," was just published by's imprint BookSurge. The story is set in the near future on a tourist
resort in space and mixes romance, tragedy, adventure, intergalactic travel and
alien starships. Beltz is penning a sequel.

Quote: "It was meant to be a fun, entertaining book. It describes a possible future,
maybe 20 or 30 years from now, when we've left our planet to explore and live in
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