Description:  When Samantha Gerris began working for the Space Island Group
(SIG), she had no idea she was taking her first steps on a path to the ultimate
adventure! Living in a time of rapid technological advancements, Samantha
balances her family life with her career as a physicist aiding in the design of a
luxurious space resort. Although she enjoyed the challenge of creating a popular
destination for adventure seeking tourists, she was happy to keep her feet firmly
planted on Earth. Yet after tragedy disrupts her conventional life, Samantha
reluctantly travels to Space to join her family working at the space resort. Her new
assignment leads to the discovery of a secret alliance between SIG and an alien
race. After accidentally boarding the alien’s starship, Samantha is forced to travel
across the galaxy to their home planet. The ensuing voyage reveals a new
world—literally!—to Samantha, one filled with friendship, danger…and true love.
Welcome to Beyond the Stars           
The Beyond the Stars Series
by Kelly Beltz
Beyond the Stars: Kataria (Book 1)
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Beyond the Stars: Kataria was awarded first place in the science
fiction category for the 2010 Reader Views Reviewers Choice Awards.
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Beyond the Stars: Kataria was a finalist in the science fiction
category for the 2010 National Indie Excellence Awards.
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Beyond the Stars: Kataria was honored as a finalist in the
Fantasy/Sci-Fi category for the 2010 International Book Awards.
Decription: In this exciting sequel to Beyond the Stars: Kataria, our heroine, the
physicist Samantha, believes she has put her troubles behind her after
accidentally boarding a Katarian spaceship docked on Earth's orbiting Space
resort. But her return to Earth will have to wait. Her friend and the ship's doctor,
Urit, confesses to the crew that the Dreons, a Katarian enemy, have kidnapped
his daughter Nia. With a broken treaty and the risk of war, Samantha joins her
love Gaelan and the crew in a desperate pursuit of the Dreon ship before it's
too late.
Meanwhile, Samantha has a seemingly greater problem to deal with: an
ancient celestial being known as an Ineo has inadvertently taken refuge inside
her. The Ineo, although passive in nature, allows her to do seemingly
impossible things. But Samantha struggles with utilizing and controlling her
new skills. As word spreads about her abilities, Samantha risks losing
everything and must fight to survive.
Fast paced with riveting action sequences, Kelly Beltz’s follow-up to her award
winning debut is an epic saga of love, hope, and adventure set amidst the fast
evolving world of Space travel.  Beyond the Stars: Ineo is a suspenseful,
thought provoking voyage to the farthest reaches of your imagination.
In the near future, Samantha, tasked with developing Space tourism, becomes an unwitting
passenger on an alien starship, embarking upon a fantastic journey across the galaxy filled with
friendship, love and danger.
Beyond the Stars: Ineo (Book 2)
Instead of returning to Earth, Samantha and her Katarian friends go on a desperate
pursuit to rescue a friend, while a powerful, ancient celestial being takes refuge inside her.
The sequel has arrived!   
I never planned on leaving Earth and was forced to
adapt. Falling in love made traveling the galaxy
exciting, but I want to go home. Strange things
happen in Space ... things I'm not sure I'll survive.
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